Q1: Can I upload transactions to my existing Rakuten account?

A1: Yes, simply select the Rakuten Bank account you want to update from the selector.

Go to the Rakuten online banking website. Login and download your CSV. Using the Moneytree CSV uploader tool click “Browse Files” and then select the CSV file you would like to update.

Once the upload has been completed you will receive an email from Moneytree letting you know that the upload was successful and your data is now available in your Moneytree account.

Q2: Can I upload transactions to a non-Rakuten account?

A2: No, this service currently only works with Rakuten Bank Accounts for now.

Q3: I just opened a bank account with Rakuten, how can I connect it to Moneytree?

A3: Unfortunately Moneytree doesn’t support connecting new Rakuten accounts for the time being.

You will only be able to use this tool with a Rakuten Bank Account that was connected to Moneytree before the service was suspended.

Q4: Will the uploader automatically detect which account to add transactions to if I have multiple accounts

A4: No. You must select the correct account when uploading the CSV file.

Q5: I uploaded a CSV to the incorrect Rakuten account, what do I do?

A5: Please contact our Moneytree support team and we will work with you to remove the incorrect transactions from the account.

Q6: How long does the CSV upload take?

A6: The CSV uploader takes on average 10 seconds to 1 minute to upload your file.

You will receive an email when your file has been uploaded.

Q7: What happens if the CSV upload fails?

A7: If a CSV fails to be uploaded you will receive an email from Moneytree and you will need to try to upload the CSV again.

Q8: If Moneytree connects to Rakuten API in the future, will my data be duplicated?

A8: No, your data will not be duplicated. Once the Rakuten Bank service re-starts in the future your manually uploaded transactions will be replaced with those from the Bank automatically.

Q9: How will I know my CSV was uploaded successfully?

A9: You will receive an email from Moneytree when your CSV has been uploaded successfully.

Q10: Will Moneytree categorize my manually uploaded CSV data?

A10: Moneytree will still categorize your uploaded data.

Q11: Can we use this feature for other credentials?

A11: No. There are no plans to make this more widely available than Rakuten Bank for now.

Q12: Should I upload a CSV for both my Rakuten Bank account and for my Rakuten Bank debit card?

A12: Yes. If your account is a 普通預金, and you also have a Rakuten Bank debit card, to ensure all of your transactions are reflected in your account, and correctly categorised, we require a CSV for both your Rakuten Bank account and your Rakuten Bank debit card.

Q13: If a guest has multiple Rakuten bank credentials, is there a possibility to import transactions to the wrong account?

A13: Yes. This is possible, and this is why each import gets an import ID, in case we need to delete the imported data when they make a mistake.

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